Sunday, 6 August 2017

Back to the day blog

Well at time of writing my first vlog still hasn't reached the 500k views I was anticipating so thought it was best to give it a back seat and go back to blogging.

I did say on my last vlog that July needed to be a big month to get me in the right shape for Aberdeen half later this month. I also said that I was feeling ill. That got worse and I had take take some time off work. After that I have found it difficult to get back into running again. Not helped with being in a bit of a stressful work situation. So basically my big month of July never happened and I think I was lucky to get over 20 miles for the entire month.  I did Ruchill parkrun yesterday basically run/walking the whole way in 33.30 minutes and yes I was trying.  I do wonder how long it is going to take me to get back to where I was just the month before when I was in the 26 minute region for parkrun.

So what now? ......

I have cancelled my hotel in Aberdeen. No way I am in any state to do a 10k never mind a half marathon at the moment.  Even if I was taking my time I would struggle.  It is frustrating to have to cancel another race as it is does seem to be a regular occurrence over the last few years. While I'm still running I think I'll always be in the mindset of wanting to do a big race again and yes while I was on my high of training during June I did enter a marathon for next year. Which you never know I might be in a position to do it. But I keep saying to people that I might just stick to parkruns for the rest the year. Now notice the word "just". I say it as if there is something wrong with that and that I should be going longer. But there is really nothing wrong with it! And it is a mindset I need to change for now. So for the rest of the year it will be parkrun fest and that is that. :-)

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